MedEd-Stat A Healthcare Education Company

Dr. David Joyce and MedEd-Stat have been creating Business of Medicine CME courses for healthcare professionals since 2008.   There is great value for providers in every role and setting to learn more about the business side of healthcare practice.  The knowledge gained is both empowering and useful to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.  The new skills can be used immediately to improve work and engage a team.

All of the CME courses on the Healthcare Learning Alliance website, including the Business of Medicine Pocket MBA course, were originally created in a CME partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  We added the Medical Societies of Maryland and Delaware to the partnership, under a grant from The Physicians Foundation, and have deployed the education to providers in every setting and role, including physicians, nurse practitioners, PAs, and clinical nurse specialists both hospital employed and private practice across the country. The hundreds of graduates from our programs have expressed very high satisfaction, and are using their new skills to make things better for themselves and their patients.  The link below are just a few of the many comments we receive from students.
The CME courses listed on the HLA site carry Cat 1 Self Assessment CME from The Medical Society of Maryland, an AACME accredited CME partner.  Below is a sample CME Certificate earned upon successful completion of any course. A diploma style Program Completion Certificate will be earned by Business of Medicine Pocket MBA students.  For our longer more involved courses of study like the Pocket MBA, an additional certificate is offered to signify the comprehensive nature of the learning.  Other programs soon to come  are Value Based Care Boot Camp and Healthcare Finance Boot Camp.  
Students enrolled in all CME courses can expect frequent interaction with course instructors. 
Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions about the program.
David Joyce  MD, MBA
CME Program Director