American Red Cross – Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training can help you provide life-saving care to infants and children during times of crisis. Using a science-based curriculum, personalized instruction and a scenario-based approach, our PALS course will help you learn to assess patients, provide advanced interventions, and improve critical-thinking skills so you can provide better care more confidently. Throughout the course, our interactive scenarios will help you understand the often-nuanced facets of pediatric care and will help improve your clinical decision-making skills. After completing the online portion of course, and passing the final written exam, you’ll attend an in-person skills session where you’ll demonstrate your PALS skills to a certified Red Cross American Red Cross PALS certifications are valid for two years from the completion date.

Throughout your PALS course, you’ll learn to assess, recognize and provide high-quality care to pediatric patients experiencing life-threatening medical emergencies, including shock, cardiac and respiratory events, as well as how to provide care after the return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) during a resuscitation effort. In addition, our course will challenge your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and help improve your teamwork skills to provide better patient care. By combining online coursework with an in-person skills session, they allow you to learn at your own pace – and in the place, and on the device, you like best.

Upon successful completion of the free online course, if you’d like to sign up for a skills check, you may do so at one of these locations.

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